Media Reviews

  1. Recital in Baptist Mission Student Hall, Kolkata RUDRA-VEENA Recital by ASIT Banerjee in Chandrakosh has been highly enjoyable Item. Statesman, Kolkata.
  2. Recital Lalit Sangeet Samsad at Baker Hall, Kolkata The First Day's programme featured Pandit Asit Banerjee's Veena along with Rajib Lochan De's Pakhawaj. The recital was marked by distinction and their control over the Loya Cycles. Statesman, Kolkata.
  3. Recital of Rudra-Veena in the Music City of Lucknow :Asit Banerjee gave most delightful performance of Rudra-Veena here at U.P. Sangeet Natak Academy Auditorium. The Pioneer, Lucknow.
  4. Tansen Sangeet Sammelan, Kolkata: Translation of the review: Pandit Asit Banerjee beautifully demonstrated the Texture of Puria Raga with his utmost devotion and sincerity : Anand Bazar Kolkata.
  5. Recital in Dhrupad Mela in Varanasi: Lupta Praya Vadya Rudra-Veena ka Sabyakhya Vadan (Lecture demonstration of Rudra-Veena, an obscure Musical Instrument) in Lucknow : Brilliant performance to creat hypnotic atmosphere on Raga Malkaunsh and Raga Panchama. Swatantra Bharat, the popular Daily in Hindi.
  6. Sankatmochan Sangeet Samaroha, Varanasi. Highly appreciated by Inaas, the Hindi Daily.
  7. Drhupad Samaroha of Jaipur : Bairam Khan Dhrupad Sammaroha : Review in Hindi, translated in English :The Programme Commenced with Rudra-Veena played by the Kolkata's. Pandit Banerjee. He played in the style of Mohiuddin Dagar with some novel improvisations. Banerjee established all characteristics of the instrument on the basis of Raga Puria. Rajasthan Patrika, Jaipur.
  8. Swami Bhagwandas Sangit Sammaroha in Ayodhya extolling review in Amrita Prabhat, the Hindi Daily, U.P. English translation of Hindi version published in Jan-Morcha, A Hindi Daily A most attractive demonstration on Rudra-Veena by Asit Banerjee of Kolkata, who could boldly declare that he would not allow Rudra-Veena to die in obscurity.
  9. Dhrupad Mela in Vrindaban : Lofty encomium by Rajasthan Patrika, Udaipur.
  10. Durlav Badya Vinod in Bhopal : Asit Banerjee of Kolkata prepared Chandrokosh in Rudra-Veena, He produced cognizable mark of his assiduous practice and deep self confidence, aesthetic manifestation & dynamism and Raga beautification are the special characteristics of his playing.
  11. Tansen Sangeet Sammelan of Kolkata:The first evening programme started with Veena of Asit Banerjee in Raga Multani. His melodic presentation resonating the pick and power of the Raga establishment deserve applause. Within a very short time of his play he could produce a mark of his artistic creativity. Desh , the Bengali Weekly of Kolkata.
  12. A Note from Press Conference : Review in Monoroma, a Hindi Magazine of Repute. Translated Version : Asit is the first to establish as a exponents of Rudra-Veena. It is doubtless to assert that he is based on chief characteristics of the continuity of Dagar Gharana and he has been able to establish the direct relation of it's art of play with the Dhrupad style singing.