Performances in India

  1. Tansen Sangeet Sammelan, Gwalior.
  2. Sangeet Sangam Samaroha by Sangeet NatakAcademy, Delhi, held at Indore.
  3. Vishnupur Dhrupad Samaroha.
  4. All India Music Conference, Deoghar, Bihar.
  5. All India Music Conference, Dhanbad.
  6. Music Evening at Lions Club, Dhanbad.
  7. All India Music Conference, Kolkata.
  8. All India Tansen Music Conference, Kolkata.
  9. All India Music Conference, Durgapur.
  10. All India Dhrupad Mela, Varansi.
  11. All India Dhrupad Mela, Vrindaban
  12. All IndiaMusic Conference of Lalit Samsad, Kolkata.
  13. Sadarang Sangeet Sammelan, Kolkata.
  14. All India Tansen Music Conference, Kolkata.
  15. All India Dhrupad Mela, Varanasi.
  16. Basant Utsav, Kolkata.
  17. Khairagarh University Silver lubilee, Raipur.
  18. Experimental Programme,Udaipur, Rajasthan.
  19. Seminar Programme, Indian Museum, Kolkata.
  20. Baharam Khan Dhrupad Samaroha, laipur, Rajasthan.
  21. Ustad Imamuddin Khan Dagar Indian Music Art And Culture, Jaipur.
  22. Speak Mac Programme, Udaipur.
  23. Maharana Kumbha Sangit Samaroha,Udaipur, Rajasthan.
  24. All India Music Conference, Bihar Rajya Academy.
  25. Seminar Programme, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.
  26. Sangeet Sandhya Music Evening, I.C.C.R., Kolkata.
  27. Durlav Badya, Bhopal at Bharat Bhavan, M.R.
  28. All India Dhrupad Mela, Indore, M.R.
  29. Annual Music Conference Sangeet NatakAcademy of Delhi at Maharastra.
  30. Golden Jubilee Celebration of Sangeet NatakAcademy of Delhi at Hydarbad.
  31. All India Music Conference Bangalore by I.I.R.C.C., Delhi.
  32. KedarBadri Festival at BadriNarayan.
  33. B.H.U. Lecture Programme Varansi.
  34. Indian Museum Exhibition Programme Guwahati Assam.
  35. Music Evening S.R.A., Kolkata.
  36. Head of the Department String (Veena-Sitar) Sur-Nandan Bharati, Kolkata.
  37. Haridas Sangeet Sammelan, Mumbai.

Performances outside India

  1. 2001: The Indian Music Festival in various places like Berlin, Wiesbaden, Hamburg, Hanover, Damstard etc. in Germany.
  2. 2003: The Indian International Music Festical in Europe under the auspices of I.C.C.R.
  3. Indian Council for Cultural Relations, an Organisation under the auspices of the Ministry of External Affairs sponsored the visit of three-member Rudra-Veena group led by Pandit Asit Kumar Banerjee to France, Trinidad & Tobago, Surinam, Belgium from 19th to 30th December 2003.

Recordings in India

  1. Recordings, Cassettes, CDs of Rudra-Veena by Pandit Asit Kumar Banerjee are available in All India Radio and Television Centres, Sangeet Natak Academy, Delhi, U.P. etc
  2. Special archive recordings for the first time in Sangeet Natak Academy, Lucknow. Sixty-minute programme and over seventy-minute Seminar-talks with demonstration.
  3. New Delhi sangeet Natak Academy recorded his Rudra-Veena recital at Hyderabad for preservation in their archives.

Recordings outside India

  1. Cassette preserved in Album of Indian Music made in Asian Cultural Conference of UNESCO in Japan.
  2. Records in Germany for (i) 7.5 minutes on Raga Malkaunsh, (ii) 21.5 minutes on Raga Todi with full picture cover published by Philips recording company in the book named 'The Way- Music' published in Germany.
  3. Cassette preserved in Album of Indian Music for United States U.S.A. Archive Centre.
  4. Recordings of his recitals in Germany are broadcast from Switzerland, Sweden and Colonge Radio Centres.